Many of us live in spaces which wouldn’t fit a large cat-tree, or one might not fit the layout of our home – and often cats grow bored with simple scratching-posts, and turn to our furniture or carpets instead.

At Purr we wanted to build something that fits into your home and your cat’s life seamlessly.  Something that gives our feline friends a chance to play, and to scratch to their hearts content without damaging your furniture.

Purr was created and designed by two brothers, David (a furniture designer) and Ben (an engineer).  One afternoon, the brothers sat in Ben’s living room watching his cats play.  Ben had built a very functional cat-tree that his cats loved, but which wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture.  David turned to Ben and asked “why don’t we design a modern cat tree that is as functional for you as it is for the cats?”

A few minutes later, as Ben’s cats happily tried to sit on the growing pile of layouts and diagrams and knock pencils off of the coffee table, the idea of the PurrShelf was born. #purrfect


Cats need a place to scratch for their health and wellbeing. At Purr we weren't satisfied with the available scratching posts or cat trees, so we designed the Purr Bookshelf! Its modern design fits in any room while providing your cat with a place to scratch and play.